This document and the Enrollment Agreement should be given to the student and must be signed by the student before enrollment.  

If special circumstances prevent the student from being able to enroll in a complete session of 4.6 weeks, the student may seek permission from the directors to enroll in an MLC Intensive English Program session for a period of 3 weeks. Enrollment is based on availability. The following conditions apply:

  1. The 3-Week Enrollment is only for full-time Intensive English students.
  2. The 3-week enrollment period is for non-I20 students.
  3. The student must make special arrangements with the director for the enrollment period start date and end date.  The 3-week period must take place within one MLC session.
  4. The 3-week enrollment period includes 15 class days.
  5. The tuition and registration cost is $950.00 for the full-time Intensive English Program.
  6. The student must obtain the books/materials for all classes for the 3-week period.
  7. The student must follow the policies outlined in the MLC Student Handbook and the MLC Enrollment Agreement, including the complete Cancellation and Refund Policy.  Please read the following excerpt from the Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Cancellation/Refund Policy – Withdrawal: 3-Week Enrollment

  1. If a student enrolls in his/her first session in the Intensive English Program for a period of 3 weeks and then withdraws, there is no refund.  
  2. A continuing student who enrolls in a subsequent session for a period of 3 weeks is eligible for a refund if his/her last date of attendance (LDA) is on or before the midpoint (50%) of the 3-week enrollment period.  If the student’s last date of attendance (LDA) is after the midpoint (50%) of the 3-week enrollment period, there is no refund for that 3-week enrollment period.
  3. Please see the complete Cancellation and Refund Policy on the MLC Enrollment Agreement.

I have read this form and understand the information concerning 3-week enrollment, and I agree to all of the terms and conditions.