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Professional English Classes

smithgroup jjr & mlcBusiness Professionals, Visiting Scholars and Graduate Students working in Ann Arbor or nearby cities can enhance their Professional English skills at MLC. Business and Academic Professionals who enroll in MLC’s Intensive English Program as full-time or part-time students will improve their overall English proficiency and fluency for the workplace. Students can select courses to improve and practice specific skills, such as speaking/listening, reading, writing, and grammar.

MLC also offers classes and private or small group lessons tailored for Business and Academic Professionals. These classes and lessons are taught by instructors who have significant experience in teaching Professional English. They have taught executives from global companies and institutions such as Toyota Motor Company, ICBC of China, Cornell University and University of Michigan.

Students at MLC have come from companies and institutions such as:
Smithgroup Testimonial

Smithgroup is an award-winning architecture firm with 13 office globally, including Ann Arbor, Dallas and Shanghai. MLC has worked with Smithgroup to offer customized Communication and Leadership training for members from their global teams. We have also offered office-wide lunch workshops about effective workplace communication across cultures. See the video below to hear more about our experience working their Ann Arbor office.

Registration Process for Professional English Classes

  • Prior to registration, an MLC director will meet with the applicant to evaluate his/her English language proficiency and discuss professional and English language goals. With this information, MLC can design a convenient schedule and select courses that meet the applicant’s specific goals.
  • Class schedules and offerings vary from session to session. Please check the Session Dates on our website for the latest information or email us to inquire.
  • If a company or institution contracts for a group of business or academic professionals to attend MLC classes, we can customize the class selection to fit the needs of the group. Please email us to schedule a time to meet. We can discuss the needs of your group and make an optimal study plan.

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