MLC family’s 10 favorite things to do and places in Ann Arbor!

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Did you know Ann Arbor is one of the top ranked cities in the U.S. to live? Ann Arbor is well known as a charming campus town, but it also has been named as a great city to live in, according to the city and school ranking review company, Niche. It means Ann Arbor is more than just a campus town, and I am excited to introduce some of the favorite places to visit and things to do by MLC family: students, alumni, staff and teachers of Michigan Language Center!

1. Restaurants and Cafes in Downtown

Many members of our MLC family state that their favorite thing to do is exploring restaurants and cafes. It’s absolutely right that Ann Arbor has so many great places to enjoy coffee, lunch, and dinner! Let me introduce just a couple of our favorites.

  • Aventura: A2 local’s favorite Spanish restaurant! Their signature menu, paella is a must try. It’s certainly better to make a reservation for your weekend dinner!
  • Gandy Dancer: If you want to bring a special guest from outside the city, this is one of the best! This restaurant used to be a train station and you can enjoy the classic and historic interior as well as good food and cocktails. 
  • Tomukun: You want to try Asian cuisine with your good friends? Then Tomukun will be the right place. You can enjoy Korean style BBQ at a spacious table, and of course food is great!
  • Lab Cafe: This tiny, lovely cafe is a cozy working spot for University of Michigan students, as well as MLC students! They have homemade cakes and special cafe menus. It’s just a few minutes walk from the Michigan Language Center!
  • Mighty Good Coffee: This is another A2 local’s favorite! Having their original coffee beans for purchase, they offer great space to enjoy on the Main Street. MGC coffee beans will be a great souvenir for A2 visitors!
MLC students farewell party at a local restaurant in Ann Arbor
2. Water activities on Huron River

One of the amazing things about Ann Arbor is you can enjoy beautiful nature right close to the downtown area. This beautiful river, which is just a walking distance from the center of Ann Arbor, offers so much seasonal fun and amazing nature. Especially in summer, we can never discuss the great weekend activity without Huron River! The city of Ann Arbor offers canoes, boats, and paddle boards rental during the season and you can find many people enjoying the water of Huron River right after the weather warms up!

Huron River
3. Picnic and Hiking in Ann Arbor Parks

Ann Arbor has multiple types of lovely parks, and we have no difficulty finding a great place for a picnic and hiking! The city also has some parks alongside the Huron River, and they are great for hiking, such as Argo Nature Area and Bird Hills Nature Area. Every Ann Arbor dweller has their own favorite park, and don’t hesitate to ask around your neighbors, friends, and of course MLC family!

MLC students and staff at Gallup Park
4. Nichols Arboretum

Yes, this is another beautiful nature destination you should enjoy! This Arboretum, called “The Arb” by Ann Arbor locals, offers a beautiful naturalistic landscape with a variety of trees and flowers.

Nichols Arboretum
5. Law Library, University of Michigan

This is one of the most beautiful libraries in the U.S. This historic library makes you feel as if you were in another world once you step in! While the research areas are reserved for law students, you can have a seat and study in the reading room. Keep calm and enjoy the beautiful quiet place!

Reading room of the Law Library
6. Michigan Theater

Michigan Theater is another iconic building you should visit in the center of downtown! This historic theater offers multiple events, and you can check the schedule at

Michigan Theater
7. Football game at Michigan Stadium

Having no interest in football doesn’t matter! Once you are in Ann Arbor, check out “The Big House”, the biggest stadium in the U.S. It offers guided tours with access to the restricted area such as team locker rooms and press box, and it is worth exploring!

MLC students at the Michigan Stadium guide tour event
8. Bookstores

DId you know Ann Arbor is also known for being a book town? It has multiple independent bookstores! When you walk around downtown, you will encounter charming bookshops. Try exploring bookshops and each of them have their own distinct book collection. Ann Arbor Book Society offers a bookshop map:

Literati Bookstore in Downtown
9. University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMAA)

Located in the central campus area, you can find a beautiful collection of art in this museum. Surprisingly, it is free for everyone! The museum regularly offers stunning special exhibitions and you should check them out at:

University of Michigan, Museum of Art
10. Blank Slate Creamery

Last but not least, this is one of the local ice cream shops that you can never miss! In the spring and summer, even on weekdays you will see a long line in front of the shop. They offer a variety of original flavors every season, and you will never get bored of finding your new favorite!

It is incredibly hard to choose only 10 favorite places or things to do in Ann Arbor! The MLC family loves to exchange information about A2’s great places to eat, shop, and have fun! We regularly offer downtown guide tours and many seasonal fun activities to MLC students. If you have any question about joining MLC, please contact