Student Work Spotlight: Mecca Clock

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Check out an MLC student’s essay about a famous landmark in his home country of Saudi Arabia.

Mecca Clock
By Muhtdi Alkadhim

Clock Tower is a famous place in Mecca. First, it is the highest tower in Mecca and it is a beautiful tower because there is a big green clock on the top of the tower. Second, there are delicious restaurants such as Al Bake.

On the 50th floor, there are cafes. There you can have a cup of coffee and access to the internet. In the top of the tower there is a small mosque and you can see all of Mecca. There are shopping malls at the bottom. Between the 50th and 100th floor there are 5 star hotels.

Finally, I love this tower because it is one of the most famous places in Mecca.