Volunteer Club

Student Life

Studying at Michigan Language Center goes beyond studying the English language. Students are given the opportunity to be involved in the community as a way to learn about American culture and meet people they would not otherwise meet.

MLC’s Volunteer Club was founded by former students who desired to not only experience more about American culture, but also recognized the importance of helping those in need. Students often visit a local nursing home and soup kitchen as well as help plan special events around the school.

Two Volunteer Club members noted the importance of reaching out beyond the international community and having more experiences in American and English-speaking settings. This allows our students to have conversations about American cultures beyond the classroom. Students understand the importance of volunteering here as it helps them learn more about the U.S. quickly. It also helps to build their language skills such as various English idioms that may not be used in class. But it’s not only American culture that members of Volunteer Club learn about. They work side-by-side with those from other countries and different nationalities. They learn to work together despite their differences and exchange cultural knowledge for the sake of one goal: to help those in need.

Thank you to our Volunteer Club for all that you all do!

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