Claire Molling


Academic Director


Grand Rapids, Michigan

When did you start working at MLC?
April 2018

Why do you appreciate being a part of MLC?
I love being part of such a dedicated and talented team of instructors and staff, all of whom care deeply about helping their students succeed. It’s rare to find a workplace like MLC where everyone seems genuinely happy to be there; this creates an environment that is energizing for teachers and motivating for students. I feel privileged to be a part of the MLC community!

Why is MLC a special place to study English?
For me, the two defining characteristics of MLC are its warm and family-like atmosphere and its commitment to meeting students’ goals. Together, these characteristics create a learning environment that is not only fun but effective. Plus, Ann Arbor is the ideal city to study in, with its abundance of good food, friendly people, and fascinating cultural events.

What are some interesting facts about yourself?
I used to live in New York City, but I’m happy to have returned to my Midwest roots. In my free time, I love reading food blogs, going to the farmers’ market, and trying out new vegetarian recipes. I also love swimming at the YMCA, and I’m always ready to play a game (euchre and bananagrams are my favorites).