Moses Lee


Moses Lee


CEO, Owner


New York

When did you start working at MLC?
2017. Prior to joining MLC, I founded an education technology company called Seelio, taught entrepreneurship at University of Michigan, and worked as an accountant for General Motors.

Classes Instructing
Special tutorials and seminars on college preparation and Business English

Why do you appreciate being a part of MLC?
The students are very eager and energetic to improve their English to meet their personal goals. It’s great to work with such motivated students and help them achieve their goals.

Why is MLC a special place to study English?
MLC has a very supportive and caring learning environment in a city that has one of the largest universities in the world. Students not only learn English, but also get a chance to truly experience American culture.

What are some interesting facts about yourself?
I love to make and drink good coffee. I can brew you a cup of coffee if you ask me.

I’ve had a lot of experience working with students and helping them succeed, from teaching college students at the University of Michigan to founding an education technology company.

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