Gail Blaauw


Gail Blaauw




Urbana, Illinois

When did you start working at MLC?
September 2014

Why do you appreciate being a part of MLC?
First and foremost, I really enjoy the family atmosphere at MLC. It feels like everyone at MLC is part of one big family – teachers, students, and staff. We all support each other in our language learning and teaching. We care for each other and help when we can. Specifically, I really enjoy the students! I enjoy learning their individual personalities. They are usually smart, eager to learn, and very kind and respectful to me and each other. I love those moments each session when we just have to share a good laugh together as a class! I also deeply appreciate the support and encouragement of the other teachers and staff.

Why is MLC a special place to study English?
Well, MLC is a great school! We’re serious about teaching English while also getting to know each student as a unique individual. Furthermore, MLC fosters a community among the students that supports language learning as well as cultural adventures. And Ann Arbor is a great place to live and experience cultural adventures! The University of Michigan draws people from all over the world to live here. The city has a lot of restaurants, parks, festivals, and community activities. Plays and concerts are plentiful, and the beautiful Michigan wilderness is not too far away.

What are some interesting facts about yourself?
I really enjoy being in nature, hiking, backpacking, and camping with my husband. I also like animals a lot! Currently, we have 4 pets: 2 Labrador Retrievers, 1 very fluffy cat, and a turtle named Stanley. To relax, I like to do Sudoku puzzles, the harder the better.

My husband and I have three young adult children who now live across the county. Our son lives and works in Seattle, Washington, our youngest daughter is studying in New York City, and our eldest daughter lives in Ann Arbor, studying at the University of Michigan. We’re also part of a Christian faith community that is an important part of our lives.