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Student Stories

Student Spotlight: Jinsuk Seo

Today, we’re highlight an MLC student who has added so much to our community: Jinsuk Seo. Having taught English for 34 years in South Korea, Jinsuk sought an opportunity to further supplement her teaching. Hoping…
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Student Life

Volunteer Club

Studying at Michigan Language Center goes beyond studying the English language. Students are given the opportunity to be involved in the community as a way to learn about American culture and meet people they would…
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American Life

School Vocabulary for ESL Parents

Fall is officially here in Ann Arbor, Michigan! That means, for parents of school-age children, it is a busy time with school activities and meetings. For parents from other countries and cultures, it can be…
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School News

IELTS Preparation Course Coming Soon

Many students have expressed interested in an IELTS preparation course, and we are excited to announce that this course will be making its appearance in our upcoming October Session! Most students who come through our…
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The Color Vowel Approach

We are excited to announce the inclusion of the Color Vowel Approach in our classrooms at Michigan Language Center! Here is your quick start guide and introduction to the teaching tool. First created by Karen…
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